Management Committee (MC)

The list of the MC members and MC substitutes of the Action is available here:


MC Chair Dr Rafael LUQUE (ES)

MC Vice Chair Prof Konstantinos TRIANTAFYLLIDIS (EL)

Grant Holder: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (EL)

Grant Holder Manager: Dr. Panagiotis Xidas (EL)


Steering (Core) Group

 WG1 leader Prof Ulrika Rova Sweden
 WG1 Deputy Dr. Matteo Francavilla Italy
 WG2 leader Prof Alina Mariana Balu Netherlands
 WG2 Deputy Dr. Francoic Jerome France
 WG3 leader Dr Tarja Tamminen Finland
 WG3 Deputy Dr. Jalel Labidi Spain
 WG4 leader Dr Janka Dibdiakova Norway
 WG4 Deputy Dr. Eleni Iliopoulou Greece
 STSM Manager Prof. Nevenka Rajic Serbia
 Dissemination Manager Dr. David Kubicka Czech Republic
 Financial Rapporteur (1) Dr Sigurd Schober Austria
 Financial Rapporteur (2) Prof Alina Mariana Balu Netherlands


Working Groups (WG)

 WG No. WG Title
 1 Preatreatment/fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass
 2 Valorisation of hemicellulose derived streams (xylan/xylose)
 3 Valorisation of lignin derived streams
  4 Life cycle analysis & techno-economical perspective